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Artfully AWARE invests in programs and projects to make a lasting difference. Your support lays the foundations and propels us to move forward. We are an organization that believes business investment – not just charity – is the best way to help communities flourish.

We love (and need) donations – yet we also ask you to consider purchasing our Storybooks for yourself, family, friends and the classroom. For further information about our current work focusing on Storybook Projects and why they are so vitally important, please click here.

One can not overstate the importance of communities being able to hold a history written by themselves in their own hands.

Your donation or Storybook purchase will dramatically help us maintain our programs in communities by supplying art materials, funding teachers and training participants in new skills. With this sustainability, we will be able to create and develop new projects in Africa and beyond. We also work with partners to bring the highest standard of educational projects to the communities they serve, and 100% of our revenue goes to funding these programs.


Our Storybooks are very powerful educational tools. We are targeting new geographic regions and populations throughout the world, and we are seeking support from implementing partners who will assist in the shipment and distribution of our Storybooks to schools, libraries, universities, community groups, diasporas, development organizations and international institutions.

In addition, Artfully AWARE offers partnerships to companies and organizations who are interested in developing a Storybook Project within the communities they work in. On a consultancy basis, AfA provides the manpower to run and implement a tailor made Storybook Project. We also offer a Train-the-Trainer Program in which participants learn how to present the program model to their own organization. Partner organizations will then be able to distribute personalized Storybooks within their organizational structure as well as on a wider basis. Please email us for more information.

Purchase Book links:

“The Story of the Acholi – A Village Tale from Uganda:”

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”The Benefits of Positive Living:”

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“Perseverance & Possibility in Kenya – Stories Capturing an Image of Intensity, Persistence & Big Dreams”

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